All American Playgrounds is a family owned and operated company in Geneva, Florida that builds all wood swing sets and playground related equipment for residential and light commercial use. We started out in the Lake Mary Sanford area in 1990 and have since moved our entire operation to Geneva, Fl. where we have been now since the spring of 1997. As we have said in many of our ads over the years, our job is to put smiles on children's faces, and that continues to be our focus. Over 90% of our customers are residential as has always been the case, and we have completed a number of projects for other clients in the central Florida area such as day care centers, private schools, homeowner's associations and the like. We are very pleased to announce we have now expanded our business to include the do-it-yourself market, if you have visited our former web site you will notice many changes.

Our playgrounds are constructed from pressure treated pine 4x4s, 2x4s, 2x6s and in some cases heavier materials. We use only plated or coated hardware and a fastening system that will stay tight forever which means that you as the owner will never have to tighten bolts or worry about your swing set getting loose or rickety. Our playgrounds are constructed from all wood, no metal gussets to rust, and no nails, just screws, bolts and locking nuts. We like to meet all of our prospective customers, the personal touch has always been one of our priorities, so just call us and we will come to your residence and discuss in person, exactly what it is you are interested in. We have a portfolio of pictures of many of the projects we have completed for others. It also helps us a great deal to know what size and shape play area we are going to be working with. As for our do-it-yourself customers, we are always available to answer your questions, just give us a call or e-mail us and we will get back to you promptly.

References are often an important resource in helping you to decide whom you should do business with. We will provide as many references as you wish, to validate who we are and how we treat folks. If you come to us by way of a referral from a friend, family member or an associate please let us know so we can properly thank those who are pleased enough with what we have done for them to tell their friends and family.

For those of you who have come to us via the Internet and are interested in one of our do-it-yourself projects, our kits are now available. Your kit will include all the necessary components, swings, trapeze, rope and dowel ladder, tarp top, every nut bolt and screw, a materials list, a list of the tools you will need and a detailed set of illustrated instructions. All you will need to do is visit your local lumber supply, buy your materials, and with a few basic wood working tools you can complete the project in your own work shop or back yard. If you buy one of our kits, we will assemble all the components before we ship them so all you have to do is attach them using the hardware provided.

In the mean time we will continue to build swing sets for our customers who don't have the time or the tools to do it themselves. Just call us and we will make an appointment to meet with you at your convenience, and provide the information you will need on many different models that we offer. We welcome your inquiries and will do our very best to answer your questions and provide you with a quality, finished product that you can be proud to have in your back yard but primarily one that will provide years of safe and challenging enjoyment for the youngsters.

As we mentioned earlier our "job" is to put smiles on children's faces so call us, estimates and the smiles are free.

Proprietary Information and Copyrights

The information, designs, engineering concepts, plans, illustrations and instructions contained in this web site and in the kits sold by All American Playgrounds are copyrighted proprietary information and the intellectual property of All American Playgrounds and it’s owners. The sale or reproduction of all or a portion of, any of the documents including but not limited to plans, designs, engineering concepts, illustrations and instructions is prohibited by law.

While the plans for our kits and all the information contained therein are given freely to those who purchase our products we trust that all the information contained in the kits will be kept confidential by each purchaser. We sincerely appreciate that our customers will refer us to family and friends and give them the opportunity come to us for their playground needs.

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