All American Playgrounds is now pleased to offer Do-it-Yourself Kits that will allow you to build your children's backyard play set using one of our kits and a few basic tools. All of our kits include the swings, trapeze with rings, rope and dowel ladder, the tarp top for the versions with forts, every nut, bolt, screw and all the hardware needed to complete the project. Also included in each kit is a full set of illustrated instructions, a complete list of materials you will need to buy and a list of the most basic hand and power tools to do the job.

We are now offering slides with all of our kits with forts. In the past we have been reluctant to ship slides because it was more economical for our customers to purchase one locally and save the shipping costs. We now have a source on residential slides of excellent quality and reasonable shipping rates, and with only a couple of exceptions our prices have not changed. Our focus has always been to provide a quality product at a reasonable price for those who wish to build their own swing sets. Our goal has always been to “put smiles on children’s faces” we hope that now we can get mom and dad to smile a little more too with our ability to provide slides with our kits without increasing the cost in all but a couple of our models. In nearly every case you will save money as the shipping costs for your slide will be less than the cost of purchasing one at a local retail outlet. On the models where we have found it necessary to increase the price, your bottom line cost will be about the same as before. We also believe you will be very pleased with the quality of the slides as compared to many that are available at various retail outlets, the new slides stack up very well against many that are designed for commercial use. The quality issue was perhaps the deciding factor for us, enabling us to provide a better quality product without increasing overall costs, and in the end to pass the savings on to our customers.

We have a number of models available, with a long list of optional products, that can be added to make your swing set even more fun. Among those are back to back gliders, handles to help the little ones climb up, steering wheels, tube slides, infant and toddler swings, buoy balls, disk swings, climbing walls, tire swings and stand up swings just to name a few. Browse through our web site and pick out the model that suits you best, better yet let the kids choose the one they want and Dad or Grandpa will be a hero forever when the project is complete. I know there are some industrious mothers out there who could tackle one of these as well, that's how simple our kits are to work with.

If you are handy with your tools it will take you a weekend to complete your playground. If you have never tried something this involved, you will soon find that our kits with the illustrated instructions are really designed for the wood working beginner and if you should get stuck you can call or e-mail us for help. When all is said and done you will save at least half the cost in most cases, of having a play set custom built and installed in your yard and perhaps best of all, the eternal gratitude of your children and all the kids in the neighborhood. Check our prices and you will soon see the advantage to our do-it-yourself option.

Finally, the most important and enjoyable part of all, the joy and smiles on the faces of all the little household swing set testers when they finally get to check it out for the first time. A better babysitter you will never find, and maybe, just maybe mom and dad will get to swing a little too. By the way, we will soon be marketing a family swing you can hang up on your swing set and enjoy a few of those warm summer nights after the kids are in bed.

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