Bunker Hill
Got a big yard with lots of kids? This playground set will take up some room and will accommodate an army of children. The "Bunker Hill" is available with either the 44" or 64" square forts, has all the standard stuff and more. We'll start you off with 12 ft. long Monkey Bars, with room for 4 Swings or 3 Swings and a Trapeze with rings or two of each if you like. This one also has 2 Rope and Dowel Ladders, a Fireman's Pole (we provide the hardware and you buy the pole) and room for 2 "Wave Slides". Our tarp tops are available in red blue, bright green, forest green and yellow. Our kits include everything but the lumber and the slides. If you have a Lowe's nearby, they sell both. If you do not have an outlet for the slides close to where you live, we can drop ship them to you, it's just a little more expensive that way. You need an area at least 25' X 30' for this one but once it's up and ready for the kids to play on you can kick back and watch the fun.

  • Kit cost: $479.95
  • Materials: $215.00 - estimated cost (44" forts)
  • Materials: $315.00 - estimated cost (64" forts)
  • Slides: $80.00 each - approximate cost
  • Custom built: $1999.00 - installed in your yard
  • Do-it-Yourself and save about $845.00 to $945.00
    depending on which forts you would like.

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